There is a battle between the camp of BCDA and CHJDEVCo and it's about Camp John Hay areas.

Camp John Hay used to be a military reservation for the United States Army named after President Theodore Roosevelt's Secretary of State, John Milton Hay.

Mixed reactions arise after the different actions they did and the battle is taking too long to be resolved.

In the part of Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJHDevCo) they were doing good in attracting the major tourists from other countries, tourism in Baguio was at its peak.

Baguio was iconic, it is the summer capital of Asia.

In 1990 the bidding for Camp John Hay development has been awarded to CJHDevCo, since then they are developing certain areas of the land while preserving 120 hectares of it.

They were able to develop 4 hectares out of 18 hectares that CJHDevCo has allowed to develop.

State agency BCDA refused to give out further development permits. Arnel Casanova, BCDA President, has singled out Robert John L. SobrepeƱa (CJHDevCo)  for estafa

So what happened?

Despite its beauty today, Camp John Hay remains unfinished.

The big question is why did Bases Conversion and Development Authority President Arnel Casanova refused to give out permits?

And according to them, CJHDevCo failed to settle their lease payments.

This started out  their long time war.

Okay, one thing is a little obvious here. Is Arnel Casanova interested in continuing the development of Camp John Hay for the sake of honor and achievement.

Is it because CJHDevCo were doing good in attracting tourists in Baguio?

If that's the case then he has a personal agenda in giving problem to the CJHDevCo.

If that is the case there is also a tendency that CJHDevCo  will be doing a great job in the future for the area.

Then it will be for the good of many people including us, including the whole country.

Things like this should not be taken lightly. BCDA and Camp John Hay developer should let things follow the law process.

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