I rarely admire independent films but when I saw the Cinema One Original entry ‘Soap Opera’ I was impressed with how Director Remton Siega Zuasola made this film remarkable.
I got the chance to watch the film during its gala night in Trinoma and I find the story cool. It’s awesome and likable.
Kudos to the Cebuano talents from the Director to the cast. The story is very well written.
Joining the full cast consist of Lovi Poe, Rocco Nacino, Bugoy Carino, Matt Daclan, Natileigh Sitoy, Chris Perris and more.
Lovi Poe, Rocco Nacino and Mercedes Cabral are not the main characters of the story but their roles gave an intense impact.
Photo during their gala night in Trinoma
Speaking of impact, lead actors Matt Daclan and Natileigh Sitoy did an effective performance from beginning to end. Given that they were natural Cebuanos, they notably portrayed each role in a very natural way.
With no pretention at all, they were very good in pulling off their characters as real people.
I got a chance to ask actress Natileigh Sitoy over a drink and she said she really worked hard for her role. Natileigh is the best actress during the recent Brillante Mendoza Film Workshop held summer this year. She will definitely gain praises for her performance and might get nominated as best actress because she was really great in here.
Considered to be a success for Director Remton, the cast and the whole production ‘Soap Opera’ is something you shouldn’t miss this Cinema One Originals run.
Noel(Matt Daclan ) and Liza(Natileigh Sitoy) take in a rich foreigner to help support their sickly child. But when they begin playing a game of make believe and deceit, a local soap opera begins to mirror the secrets they’ve been hiding all along.

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