Dockers Philippines goes fast-forward as it presents its “Get Ready” Spring-Summer 2015 collection. 

A Press Preview held at Dockers SM Megamall on Thursday, the “Get Ready” Spring-Summer 2015 collection showcases a line of apparel that is high in style but low in maintenance—and with an eye on supreme comfort and fit.

Thus, the collection’s highlights are head-to-toe wardrobe staples for an active lifestyle—travel, the outdoors, and some such summer agendas. 

Dockers’ “Get Ready” Spring-Summer 2015 collection of pants and tops, knitwear and outerwear, which will make every man put his best style forward no matter what journey he’s in.

Dockers Philippines launches its newest “Get Ready” Sping-Summer 2015 collection at Dockers Store, SM Megamall last Nov. 27.
Such is the brand’s vision for the Spring-Summer collection—with each item carefully considered for a sophisticated but not over-dressed look.

Pulling away from other men’s wear in the market, Dockers remains the only stylish and innovative authority when it comes to business casual for men. The new collection will cater modern professionals who are considered dynamic and always on-the-go. This kind of fashion reflects how smart, stylish, and active these men are.

Get a headstart on the new styles of Dockers’ Spring-Summer 2015 collection and find your fashion identity. The Dockers® Alpha Collection and Signature Khaki headline the newest addition to the brand’s contemporary look without losing the classic business attitude the brand is known for.

  • Dockers® Alpha Collection touts the attitude and ambition to the season with its array of head-to-toe styles across all looks. This collection reflects a fashion that men of both profession and lifestyle can carry. It aims to be functional, fashionable, and casual, while maintaining the brand’s image.

  • Dockers® Signature Khaki presents basic pieces like pants, which bridges the gap between casual and refined. This style breaks barriers as it stays away from the classic business look and stresses on the new meaning of business casual fashion.

The Spring-Summer Collection draws inspirations from life afloat on the Pacific and from the spirit of aviation.

The first inspiration is the evergreen maritime style which defines the voyage also educates the style of dress; the relaxed confidence of the boats captain and his handsome charge play against the casual textures of the merchant marine and the deck-hands sun-bleached uniform.

The second inspiration, on the other hand, is culled from the “Golden Age” of travel—refined yet adventurous, brash, and bold. It was a time of innovation and bravura, defining an age when taking a transatlantic flight was seen as a strikingly stylish affair.

Over the years, Dockers has equipped men with key wardrobe staples that exude effortless confidence. With Dockers’ Spring-Summer 2015 collection arriving in stores next year, the brand only cements its identity in the industry. 


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