Matt Daclan had his first formal acting training in 2013 under Director Remton Siega Zuasola, he sits in to his acting class in a University in Cebu. He also had small roles in other films and stage in the past.

He started assisting Remton on and off the camera even in his earliest works and other personal projects.

After his acting training in 2014, Remton decided to cast him as the lead character of his musical short film 'Aftershock' which made him won his first best actor award.

The director-actor tandem worked well that he became the Best Actor (Cinema One Originals 2014) as Noel for the film "Soap Opera"(tie with Sandino Martin for Esprit de Corpse).

Yours truly is a witness that Matt's acting in 'Soap Opera' is genuinely worthy of receiving the best actor award.

As far I remember the night after the gala night we had a small chat and was joking about how intense was their bed scene in the film.


That scene was just a bonus, his entire acting was really the key to his reward.

Here's a short interview with the 2014 Cinema One Originals Best Actor Matt Daclan.

Courtesy of Matt Daclan' s instagram

How did you feel winning the Best Actor award?

When I heard my name being called as the best actor, I couldn't understand what I felt, it seems like all my hardship flashed before me and made me feel that all my hard work have paid off. I didn't expect to win because all the other contenders were really good and were more experienced than me.

Did you ever dream of becoming an actor?

When I was in high school I acted in a  school play, I felt something inside me while I was performing, It felt wonderful and I was completely at ease. I forgot about it and I landed in different odd jobs but nothing seems to fit me, it is only after I rediscovered acting again that I realized that my true calling is to become an actor. 

What type of soap operas do you watch?

I love to watch passionate soap operas about love and family , and also soap operas that teaches kids good manners. 

What was your idea of a usual family?

My idea of a family is very simple, a mother and a father raising their kids to become good individuals, but unluckily I didn't get to experience that because my father left our family when I was still very small and my mom raised us alone. It was a difficult childhood hit having a father figure to look up to and ask advice to. But it became a blessing in disguise because all the pains I went trough became my tool in acting out emotional scenes in the roles I play.

How did you work together with your partner (Natileigh Sitoy) as couple in this film?

We met each other only a night before the first shooting day in a last minute audition. I knew right away that she was Liza, we clicked and I knew it would be a great tandem. Due to limited time to know and bond together to work on the chemistry we make use of the vacant time in between takes to get to know each other, we tell jokes, we share secrets, and chat a lot. And when the time came for us to shoot the love scene, we drank a lot of beer to calm our nervousness down. 

Photo courtesy of Matt Daclan

Intense roles you plan to try?

I want to try action drama, because I think it would be very interesting to balance graceful acting and the adrenaline rush of the action sequences. I wanna learn how to hold and fire guns and also properly do a hand to hand combat that looks good on camera.

How do you feel about independent films?

Independent films are for me are very exciting, because it veers away from the traditional and cookie cutter type of story telling and character developments. It is because of these independent films that actors and Filmmakers get to do what they want freely without limits imposed by the big studios. I live doing indie films because it gives me freedom to express my self without boundaries. 

What's your top choices in this year's Cinema One films?

I love 'That thing called Tadhana' and 'Violator'

Who among in the industry do you want to work with?

If given a chance I would love to work with other great directors of our time like Direk Brillante Mendoza, Lav Diaz, Raya Martin, Sherad Sanchez and many more. 

What are you not afraid of?

I'm not afraid to try acting mainstream films.

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