Fall in love all over again every night as WATTPAD PRESENTS continues to showcase the most awaited TV adaptations of a number of Wattpad hits, most of which are now published through LIB Creatives Publishing.

And to heed the clamor of Wattpad fans and more Kapatid viewers who come home later at night, WATTPAD PRESENTS moves to its new timeslot of 9:30PM starting October 20, airing Monday to Friday, only on TV5.

WATTPAD PRESENTS story features the bittersweet tale of “Savage Cassanova”, a novel written by Wattpad author justbreathesofie that has garnered almost 1.7 million readers and continues to gain more followers.

Starring Edward Mendez and Ritz Azul , “Savage Cassanova” is about the attractive and popular bachelor Ivo (Edward Mendez), who is the heir to his family’s business. In order to drive away the girls who have been persistently chasing him, Ivo decides to marry the terminally-ill Moira (Ritz Azul), thinking that he will have a quiet life as a widower once his wife dies.

But what happens when their marriage seems to cure Moira of her illness and Ivo gets stuck with a wife he never intended to keep for long?

Find out when WATTPAD PRESENTS “Savage Cassanova” starts airing on October 27.

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