Looking for an exciting late night show? Drop by any Pagcor branches and watch Benj Bolivar, Carlo Sawit, Maui Lumba, PJ Go, Avery Paraiso, Kaye Chua, Junnel Manansala, Jennica Ollero, and Nicole Koffman in their Not Your Ordinary Variety Show (NYOVS) this October. 

Catch them live on October 11 (Casino Filipino Angeles), October 16 (Casino Filipino Hyatt), October 25 (Casino Filipino Ronquillo), October 30 (Casino Filipino Pavilion), and October 31 (Casino Filipino Tagaytay).

What do Carlo Sawit, PJ Go, Avery Paraiso, Benj Bolivar, Kaye Chua, Maui Lumba, Bon Jovi Osorio, Junnel Manansala, and Jennica Ollero share in common? 

It’s going to be a fun, fun night. All the audience need to do is to take the backseat and enjoy the ride. The NYOBG will take care of the rest. That’s how Benj described NYOVS this October.

Carlo shared that his excitement never diminishes despite the numerous shows they have done. It always feels like the first time.
What can the audience expect from their upcoming Pagcor shows? Bon Jovi and Junnel share, “Bigger and better production numbers. It will be fun, fun, fun! All the audience need to do is to enjoy watching in their seats and we will take care of the rest.” Kaye and Jennica agree.

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