Introducing three new programs that will surely make your late nights even more educational, entertaining and exciting!
  • "Demolition Job" (with Paolo Bediones) 
  • "History" (with Lourd de Veyra) make their much-anticipated return with brand-new episodes on Monday andWednesday at 10:30PM, respectively. Meanwhile, TV5 takes viewers to their wildest culinary dreams with the all-new offering. 
  • "Unang Tikim" every Tuesday night. Host-Chef Jeremy Favia will introduce the most unique and exotic dishes, making viewers have a gastronomic experience like no other! 
Viewers will first open their minds with a brand-new season of “Demolition Job”, everyMonday nights at 10:30PM, where Paolo Bediones continues to reveal the actual truth behind misconceptions, and openly demolish commonly known facts. 

Join him in this enlightening journey as only he dares to debunk and shed light on some of the world’s long-held beliefs and assumptions.

Meanwhile, TV5 brings ‘Karunungan’ to even greater heights with the premiere of the exciting new weekly offering “Unang Tikim” on Tuesday at 10:30PM. Prepare yourselves for a gastronomic experience like no other, as one of the country’s most sought after host-Chefs, Jeremy Favia, shares his most experimental and challenging recipes yet, all set to excite your senses and fulfil your wildest culinary dreams.

This will definitely not be your ordinary cooking show because the program will put to the test, not only the taste buds but also the viewers’ intense tolerance towards gross, exotic but ridiculously delicious food. 

Chef Jeremy Favia shows us how to cook exotic dishes ranging from insects, rodents to snakes, while ultimately making you forget the ‘gross’ and just focus on the ‘delicious’. 

Along with these recipes is a hefty dose of trivia about the several main exotic ingredients – from origin, to local preparation to health benefits. 

Adding more excitement to this new program are some foreigners who will share this unique culinary experience with Chef Jeremy and dare to take on his various challenges. 

And finally, Lourd de Veyra returns with a bang as an all-new season of the widely-followed “History: Tsismis Noon, Kasaysayan Ngayon” premieres on Wednesday at 10:30PM. This season, the program will be highlighting stories of love – both lost and found – within the pages of our history. 

And in true Lourd fashion, he will be tackling topics that old history books and history teachers never discussed before, bringing to light several unsettled controversies, unsolved mysteries and fascinating minutiae of Philippine history in an engaging, accessible way.

Be sure not to miss this unique educational, exciting and entertainingexperience that will be delivered by the trio of the Kapatid Network’s newest programs this week, beginning with “Demolition Job” (Mondays), followed by the all-new “Unang Tikim” (Tuesdays), and finally by “History” (Wednesdays) every 10:30PM only on TV5.

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