Are you a fan of Chikka? Are you a web developer? 

Good news, because AngelHack, the world’s largest hackathon series, brought back the competition to the Philippines in AngelHack Spring Manila. Hundreds of developers took part in the two-day coding marathon to come up with the most promising app and for a chance to fly to Silicon Valley.

Web to mobile messaging pioneer Chikka Philippines extended its support to AngelHack for the second straight year to encourage young Filipino developers to create innovative solutions for everyday problems.  The Chikka API Challenge, a mini-competition for teams to incorporate cross-platform communications to their apps by using the Chikka SMS API (https://api.chikka.com), was also introduced.

Team “Divided by Zero” received the Chikka API Special Award plus 25,000 API Credits for seamlessly integrating the Chikka SMS API into their app, Loop Lisa.

Loop Lisa: Web’s smartest secretary

Described by the group “as the smartest secretary you’ll ever meet,” Loop Lisa is a task management app that adapts to its users’ current workflow by recognizing and processing their natural language; and then translating them into simple actionable items that the app can continue to monitor. For example, the user only needs to “cc:” Loop Lisa in emails s/he sends to colleagues so the app can calendar and remember the tasks assigned. The app will then monitor replies and note if the tasks have been accomplished.

With the Chikka SMS API, Loop Lisa is made more efficient by tracking actions exchanged through text messages. Thus, by adding Loop Lisa as a recipient, it will be able to monitor tasks by reading the natural language of your texts. This is especially helpful for users in the Philippines where text messaging is still the preferred mode of communications for most businesses.

“We text our employees, our co-workers, our clients; but the problem is that we usually have a hard time tracking these tasks because of the limitations of SMS,” said Jake Josol, the developer in-charge of API integration.

“With Chikka, you will now be able to naturally assign tasks through SMS and Loop Lisa will handle the rest,” Josol added.

Enabling developers to create more meaningful apps by allowing cross-platform communication is what Chikka hopes to achieve with the release of its Chikka SMS API – the first in a suite of APIs the company is launching.

“We are opening our APIs so that others can come up with more solutions that work in the Philippine setting," explained Chito Bustamante, CEO of Chikka Philippines.

"More than a decade ago, we started Chikka with the needs of our fellow Filipinos in mind. Now, we are encouraging the new breed of developers to do the same," Bustamante added.

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