Andres lives in Guadalupe and works in SM North.

He says he likes riding the MRT from Guadalupe to North Avenue more than riding a bus.

He's been a regular train rider for 3 years now.

When the news came out that there are plans of having a price hike to finance the about 15-year old rapid transit line’s modernisation plan, he says it is okay.

He witnessed how the volume of passengers differ from time to time, MRT-3’s original capacity is 350,000 passengers per day, but the management allows more than 500,000 people to ride every day.

He experiences being pushed by many passengers to the most extreme point.

Instances like stalling trains for many hours and malfunctioning air conditioning systems were like a normal thing for him.

There is really a problem behind this.

In a news published in ABS CBN, a railway expert said their facilities are poorly maintained and the software technologies used to operate the trains by remote control are already obsolete. Rene Santiago, a civil engineer, says the MRT is apparently still using the same operating system since it started in 2003.

He says he also experienced being robbed while inside the train. Despite all the bad things happened to him he still likes riding the MRT.

There are many problems to encounter in riding the MRT, now that government is buying the train company. 

 The Government could have avoided all the current and potential legal hassles in this MRT3 capacity expansion project had DOTC only abided by the 1999 BLT agreement and allowed MRTC to do its job of choosing the M&O contractor for this EDSA rail line. 

What do you think will happen now that government wants to take over MRT 3 within 3rd quarter of 2014? Has it worsened for MRT-3 commuters?

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