One's MRT riding experience need not be stressful.

The MRT is originally designed for 350,000 passengers but in a daily operation it loads more than 500,000 people.

Joy works in a media company and she says riding MRT on a rush hour is an everyday struggle; she shares a piece of advice in avoiding the hassles.

Later part in this post you will know the real hassle.

On Mondays from MRT North Avenue to Shaw Boulevard station, if you need to be at the office by 7 AM then should be riding the MRT by at least 5:30 AM.

There is a saying that the early bird catches the good worm. If you arrive earlier than 6 AM at the MRT North Avenue station, you will get a good MRT ride going south.

She adds that it is better to enter at the Trinoma side because they allow you to pass underneath a series of stairs until you reach the southbound side.

Having tried and tested she says it is way faster than entering the stairs beside that Sogo hotel.

Terminals like North Avenue, Cubao, Guadalupe, Ayala and Taft are considered to be the most crowded main stations. In these areas, they are more crowded and the lines are longer than the usual.

She also suggests buying a stored value ticket.

By common sense it is really smarter when you purchase a stored value ticket, which costs Php 100. If you own a stored value card, you do not need to fall in long lines where people buy a single journey ticket.

The entire ride costs 12 or 15 while you can use the stored value ticket up to seven times.

And even if your card balance is only 1 peso you can still ride for free as a bonus. Isn’t that amazing?

Like her, the news about government wants to take over the running of MRT irked many commuters.

It becomes a big question in her mind.

Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Joseph Abaya, announced on national television that Government’s plan on buying the MRT could happen within the year.

What seems to be the reason of the government's sudden interest in taking it over?

The Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) hopes to forge a compromise agreement with the Metro Rail Transit Corp. (MRTC) for the complete government takeover of the MRT3.

The Government could have avoided all the current and potential legal hassles in this MRT3 capacity expansion project had DOTC only abided by the 1999 BLT agreement and allowed MRTC to do its job of choosing the M&O contractor for this EDSA rail line.

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