After claiming the lives of various eye-witnesses, hurting people close to Jasmine, and deviously orchestrating a masquerade that led to the death of Jasmine’s personal assistant/best friend Carly, 

former police officer Julius Jacinto (Robin Padilla) and Jasmine finally discovers the story behind Maskara – an abused and unwanted child-turned-psychopath named Paolo Marasigan who changed his identity the same year Jasmine started her career in TV5.

Police forces secured TV5 Media Center in Reliance to entrap Jasmine’s stalker. Maskara, however, proves that he is more skilled than the average villain as he continues to evade being captured. Despite all these, clues point that Paolo Marasigan may have been close to Jasmine all along.

TV5 princess Jasmine Curtis Smith, who plays the title role, shares that she was also shocked by how everything fall to pieces. “I was really astonished by how Maskara deceived all of them”.Asked about her initial suspicions on the character of Maskara, she said “it could have been Miguel (Gerard Sison) because he’s so obsessed of her”

But after Miguel’s attempted rape on Jasmine’s character and his suicide, even she became perplexed as she tries to figure out the identity of Maskara herself.

Could it be Jasmine’s on-screen romantic partner, TV5’s top hunk Alexis Vergara (Vin Abrenica) who recently admitted that he’s madly in-love with Jasmine? Or could it be showbiz blogger-turned-Showbiz Police host Wendell Bautista (Alwyn Uytingco) whose skills in knowing the latest scoops in show business can sometimes be borderline stalking?

In the final showdown between Jasmine and Maskara, he reveals that he has one final ace up his sleeve. Will Maskara stay true to his promise of making Jasmine suffer? Will Jasmine survive the encounter? In the end, who will have blood in their hands?

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