MRT provides a great help especially for majority of the commuters. It's a fast way of travelling to the metro, it is a cheaper way of transportation, it is a very accessible way of commuting and there's a lot more help.

Because nobody wants to be a late at work or school, students and employees are very much willing to ride the MRT going to their destination.

Students commute everyday from going to school until going back to home. Majority are dependent to this form of transformation.

Even professionals and employees rides in this train, without the MRT they can't come to office very quickly.

All people of different walks of life experiences riding the MRT everyday. The MRT is originally designed for 350,000 passengers a day but in a daily operation it loads more than 500,000.

Imagine the inconvenience of riding with more than the allotted number of passengers?

How about you? how do you find goodness in riding the MRT?

If there's good points, there's also many bad points about the MRT.

In the past few months, many passengers were complaining about the hard time of falling in line, long time of waiting, slow ticket cashiers, facilities are always faulty and more.

According to reports, the government is planning to buy the MRT 3 and make it like a private entity. Government wants to take over the running of MRT.

LRTA spokesperson Hernando Cabrera announced last week the deadline extension for the submission of bids for the maintenance contracts of LRT1 and 2 and MRT3, to give more time for the bidders to submit their offers.

Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Joseph Abaya, announced on national television that Government’s plan on buying the MRT could happen within the year.

What makes it like they are in a hurry?

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