Why do people ride MRT?

1. It's fast and cheaper.
2. Accessibility.
3. You can avoid traffic.

Even Manny Pacquaio and Kris Aquino does ride the MRT.

Riding the Metro Rail Transit is the most comfortable mode of transportation for majority of us commuters. It was nice to hear when the government announced it's intention of developing improvements about the transportation system.

When suddenly plans went wrong.

Knowing that Metro Pacific Investments Corporation has offered to refurbish and purchase all-new trains for the MRT3 at absolutely no cost, the government has ignored this proposal.

It is more demoralising when people responsible for the supposed improvement of this project were among the ones involved in it's anomalies.

Train Scandal
In a post from GMA Network News - Metro Rail Transit Line 3 General Manager Al Vitangcol III confirmed that he was relieved by Transportaton Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya for his alleged involvement in anomalous transactions in connection with the MRT-3 expansion project.

Government has repeatedly ignored this proposal and has pushed an illegal bid-out of the new trains and awarded it to a Chinese heavy trains corporation with the Philippine government providing the purchase price and a heavy subsidy. 

The president’s sister and the general manager of the MRT3 have been implicated by the Czech ambassador as making an extortion attempt on a Czech company, Inkeon, and this scandal has largely been ignored by the press. 

An the sad part is the illegal awarding of a 500M maintenance agreement to a company affiliated with the relative of Vitangcol.

Vitangcol resigned from his position, Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) administrator Honorito Chaneco was named as the new officer-in-charge of MRT-3 but the contract was already signed and there is no way to change the contractor undersigned anymore. 


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