Being relaxed is one of the most natural way of posing in a photo shoot. This is what Be Loved boutique photography would say to their clients, Be Loved is a newly opened studio in SM Megamall.

In a very casual way of meeting a new friend, yours truly was able to know the owner of this promising store, who has a very creative mind.

JR Palomo, the store's Managing Director says he captures the emotion of a person and express it to each individual via their photographs.

Together with his artistic team they formed this new trend of capturing moments in every people's natural reaction.

He gladly shares how does a person look naturally good in a photograph.

"When client comes in we try to ask them questions to know them more better and the photograph comes out representing who they are." JR says

As we continue to chat JR shared a lot of things about looking good, and here are some points:

Timing Is Everything

Schedule your session ahead of time, give at least a day for the creative team to think what is the best for you so that you can enjoy the experience.

Spare time to relax and enjoy inside the cool studio before the camera starts clicking.

Make It Personal

Bring along necessary items to help keep happy like snacks, favorite toys and blankets.

Bring along some personal props - costumes, hats, or toys that showcase your personality.

The Process

When they booked we(Be Loved) schedule a date for them for the shoot so that when they come back we already asked questions so they are prepared. When they walk-in we only need 30 minutes or less to gather information about them and they can proceed to the photographer.

There’s at least two concept where they can change their clothes or bring with them all their family members. When done they will choose their pictures in our TV, have a feel on it, once they choose we printed out for them.

For family portraits, they have to dress everyone in the same style or theme.

They can bring a variety of outfits.

Relax! Love Yourself

It will help us to capture your true self.

Tips when posing 

You just got to know who you are, and feel at ease...feel comfortable.

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