The Comedy Queen Ai-Ai delas Alas got more prominent with her mother role in the movie “Tanging Ina”.

It is one of the Filipino comedy films which set the standards pretty high for aspiring comedy film producers and comedy actors.

In the said movie, Ai-Ai delas Alas portrayed the role of a single mother who struggled through different real life adversities just to make both ends meet.

Today, She never really ceased from making exceptional mother roles just like what she did with “Tanging Ina”.
Ronda lead star Ai -Ai delas Alas arrives at Tiago restaurant for the presscon of her film

She now takes a tougher role in the film “Ronda”  which made it to the final list of the 2014 Cinemalaya Film Festival’s New Breed category.

Aside from being the main star in the said film, she is also the co-producer of “Ronda”. Others might be surprised with the fact that she has been a producer a co-producer for  various films before (one of the latest films that she produced was “Kung-Fu Divas, with Marian Rivera as her co-star”. Despite the fact that she’s already used to making interesting films, “Ronda” is the first indie film where she served as its producer and actress at the same time.

Ai-ai also talked about her more challenging role in the film “Ronda”. Dito, as a mother, hindi ako martir ng kagaya sa Tanging Ina. Mas magaling akong pulis kesa magaling akong nanay,” .   Her most recent setback in life (her separation with her partner) where she witnessed some security details she thought was helpful when dealing with roles related to that field.  Kinopya ko lang ‘yung arte nung dating escort ko na PNP (Philippine National Police), hindi masyadong nagsasalita,” she chuckles. “Astig lang.”

Another interesting facet of this movie is her intimate love scene with Cesar Montano, which she considers as one of the main highlights of the film as well as the most challenging scene that she ever made in her career. “Ang pinaka-challenging sa akin dito is of course the love scene with Cesar, na may konting boobs na nakita — pero konting-konti lang, may bra naman — and ‘yung malayo ang tinakbo ko, sobrang hirap, naka-Take 4 ako, pagkatapos n’on, ayoko na tumakbo. Sa acting, ang madaling mahirap din, wala ka masyadong dialogue but iaarte mo sa mata lang and silently, umaakting ka.”

Ai-Ai delas Alas cited that she have discovered a lot of things through her first indie film and Cinemalaya stint. “Hindi na bago sa akin ang pag-produce, pero itong indie film, mas okay ito kasi mas mura, unlike sa mainstream, P5 million ang pinakamababang percent,.

Starring in “Ronda” appeared to be a little bit more challenging for her because she got used to doing tons of comedy films before and rarely does she appear on more dramatic films. Yes we saw her cry rivers of tears on some of her films, but she claimed that she just tends to overplay it in front of the camera and considers it as “overacting” and not essentially an effective dramatic acts. This time, with the help of Direk Nick, Ai-Ai managed to slow her acting down in a more moderate pace. “Ang laki ng difference ng indie sa mainstream (in terms of acting),” says Ai-Ai. “Ang instruction ni Direk Nick sa akin, ‘wag akong aanggulo at aarte na artista. Less is more. Dapat all-natural.” She also added.

Ai-Ai’s found no pressure when it comes to working with Direk Nick Olanka (who directed famous films like “E-Boy” and “Apoy sa Dagat”.. She is indeed very thankful to him for guiding her all throughout the set. “He’s a very cool director,” She said, referring to Direk Nick Olanka.

Ronda also stars Perla Bautista, Bernardo Bernardo, Menggie Cobarrubias, Carlo Aquino, Carlos Morales, Cogie Domingo, Mon Confiado, Moi Bien, DM Sevilla, Kiko Matos and Julian Trono, with the special participation of Cesar Montano and Angeli Bayani.

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