Text2Teach is the Philippine name of the global BridgeIT program conceptualized in 2003 by Nokia, Pearson, the United Nations Development Programme, and the International Youth Foundation.  
On June 19, Text2Teach will celebrate its 10th year anniversary in the Philippines.
Text2Teach is an educational intervention project implemented by the Text2Teach alliance composed of Microsoft, the Department of Education, Globe Telecom, Pearson Foundation, Toshiba, local government units, and Ayala Foundation.

Text2Teach is a comprehensive mobile learning package that uses Microsoft’s mobile phones, which can download more than 300 educational video materials on grade 5 and 6 Math, Science, English, and Values Education.
It comes with a Globe Telecom BridgeCom prepaid SIM card and a 32-inch LED Toshiba television.  It allows teachers even in remote areas to access educational materials to supplement their lessons.
 Text2Teach makes use of a full cellular platform using a 3G-enabled device such as the Microsoft’s mobile phone equipped with an application called Nokia Education Delivery (NED).  NED allows teachers to download and choose educational videos on Math, Science, English, and Values Education specifically developed for the project, providing a highly effective visual aid for teachers and creating an interactive, student-focused learning environment in the classroom. 

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