A Bloggers Night was held on Saturday at Grills & Sizzles Steak House in West Triangle, Quezon City in partnership with Aquabest and Evee.

In this event a night was dedicated to beauty, health and wellness with the very first from Aquabest.

The event organized by Aquabest the country’s premiere water franchise, was in cooperation with Evee and Skinlyn Health and Wellness Spa

At the event they talk about their new product 'Lumina white' and technologies for overall health and wellness.

  “Lumina white” is a comprehensive facial line developed to suit the needs of Asian skins which are particularly sensitive to the effects of the sun.

“Lumina white” allows one to achieve the Asian ideal for skin which considers very fair, bright, and blemish free skin.

Since it was designed to safely lighten skin and improve the appearance of even severely blemished skin, the products feature effective pharmaceutical grade ingredients for general skin rejuvenation and brightening.

The full line-up of the Evee” lumina white line” is comprised of face tonic, night cream, day cream, and whitening bar.

Many of us worry about the morning heat so it is a good idea to use this product. For people who would like to whiten their skin quickly, evee has begun to offer its “lumina white” “Quick Result Kit”that bundles the entire line with its whitening bar a specially designed soap that helps to maintain your fair and bright skin.

The “Quick Result Kit” is designed to whiten skin with just a week of continuous use. To learn more about evee please visit their website www.evee.ph.


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