As part of Buddha Bar's initiated events, it brings us an interesting DJ trained from Paris DJ crew, specializes in ethno chill kind of music.

DJ Mada, the resident DJ at Buddha Bar Budapest visits Buddha Bar Manila on Saturday.

His first-time spin in Manila spreads a different vibe from soul down to its culture of music out of it's unique mix of techno-beat, electronic and world music.

All featuring ethnic vibes true to Buddha Bar’s music concept is a delight to listen and groove to.

Ahmed Khalil aka DJ Mada knew at 16 that he was destined to be a musical artist, jumpstarting his career by playing at the one and only local club in his hometown Suez. 

Mada's love of music and dancing soon led him to clubs in Cairo and Alexandria until he landed a DJ job at Grand Hotel Hurghada.

From the Egyptian seaside to cosmopolitan Europe, performing along the way at such prestigious events as the world-famous audiovisual Cinetrip spa party series, the vibrant MayDay gigs, or Sziget Festival, which is one of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe, it has been a rollercoaster ride for this talented musician.

George V Entertainment has taken DJ Mada under its wing and given him the opportunity to perform at global hotspots like Buddha Bar’s Paris ‘headquarters’, Buddha Bar St. Petersburg and Little Buddha Sharm-el-Sheikh.

Manila’s party experiences DJ Mada’s hypnotic mixes as he performs at Buddha-Bar Manila on May 31, 2014. 

Buddha-Bar Manila always raises the bar in terms of one-of-a-kind concepts and grand ideas, making every visit an interlude to remember. 

With DJ Mada’s Manila visit, the fun has really started. 

More photos of DJ Mada in The Web Magazine' s page.

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