EasyShop.ph, a new online marketplace marks a promising business on Saturday via a seller’s night held at Greenhills, San Juan City, Philippines.

The event treats online sellers and merchants with easy prizes and giveaways. Many went home with a new smart phones, ipads, LCD TV and a lot more.

The community promotes safe online transactions, secured and risk-free on-site business. It aims to avoid trendy scams and bogus sellers to the growing numbers of e-commerce practitioners.

The official website launch will be on June 15, 2014.

At the event, CEO Nelson A. Liao of EasyShop Philippines, explains on how they can take advantage of the site features.

EasyShop.ph is the perfect and safe online platform with flexible and trusted payment options; secured and risk-free on-site business transactions; and most importantly, a free and user-friendly website for all the online shopping needs of both sellers and buyers.

EasyShop.ph partners with Nelsoft Technology, Inc. and PoziHongkong Technology Ltd. - two reliable software development entities that handles the website.

Liao is a very hands on CEO, he speaks a simple and clear objective of the website. He also can also speaks tagalog confidently.

When asked what can they promise to online sellers, Liao says "The site is scam free and has a risk-free environment both for buyers and sellers" photo above proves our exclusive interview with him. Here's the continuation:

What are your plans?

EasyShop is in beta test and will launch in by June 15, 2014.

What are the advantage of Easy Shop?

It has long term partnership with major mobile platforms. It is built in to their mobile phone products. Yung mga phones ng Cherry mobile and myphones lalagyan nila ng easy shop.

How many merchants do you have know?

More than 2,000 are registered and 5,000 products are posted.

How different are you from Sulit, OLX and Tipid PC?

They are only a platform, they do not have engagement and monitoring.

Easy shop engages to transactions para safe ang seller and buyers.

Unless na-release ang goods saka lang namin ire-release ang bayad. We guarantee security.

Free charges pa kami until November 1

How easy it is to create an account?

As easy as registering and verifying your account just go to www.easyshop.ph, and you can start selling.

How user friendly it is?

For sellers, we have built in apps for most smartphones and tablets in the Philippines so the coverage is really extensive. We plan to have a diverse advertising method to help out sellers not to mention a huge advertising budget every month

On the other hand, for buyers, the android and iOS apps support assures easy access for them. We have a secure payment method which they can use.

If may defect yung product?

The buyer the can freeze the amount,  para hindi muna ma release sa seller, then he can change the defect item.

For more information contact:
email info@easyshop.ph
call (+632) 354-5973


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