'Being open to the possibilities of everything' is what Tito Boy Abunda advises Maui Lumba when he joins the Backroom Talents that is why he immediately grabs the chance of joining the Centuy Tuna Superbods 2014.

Maui went to go-see and when he passed spares more time on his overall body workout.

At the pocket press-con held at the Food Republique he shares his experiences as he joins the challenge.

What do you think are your traits which makes you a Superbod winner? 
Dedication, discipline and healthy lifestyle.

What was your gameplan in preparing for the challenge?
Diet plan and regularly going to gym. Inaral ko din yung mga pwede at bawal kainin.

How do you describe the challenge? 
Parang buhay ng isang boxer, may mga pwede at bawal kainin tapos ilalaban ka. Kaya inayos ko talaga yun diet at workout ko, mahirap talaga.

What else is hard for you? 
First time ko na tumingin(maging conscious) sa mga pagkain, kasi may mga hindi ako puwedeng kainin.

How was your diet there? 
Bawal yung mga too sweet and salty foods tapos konting carbs lang dapat. I take vitamins and food supplements.

What is your goal as a Superbod winner?
Gusto kong maging inspiration sa fitness goal ng mga tao.

Being 6'1" why didn't you pursue Basketball in UST? 
Team B ako sa UST Basketball before tapos dumating sa point na-realize ko na parang hindi ako magmo-move forward.

Is UST the place where you met Tito Boy?
Yes, na-meet ako ni Tito Boy thru common friends, mga kasama ko ding artists sa Backroom.

Memorable advise from Coach Jim Saret? 
The body doesn't know what it's doing, as long as gumagawa ka ng ordinary work out it becomes stagnant, so you must also experiment on other work outs para mahirapan yung katawan.

How about Nadine Tengco?
 'Abs are made in the kitchen' Observations on John Lloyd, how do you find his results? Nagkamuscle na sya sa arms. Mahiap yung diet plan nya. I think hindi tayo sanay na makita ang isang John Lloyd na hunk.

For inquiries about Maui Lumba you may call Backroom Inc. at 435-11-08,4351120 and 9280717 or email at backroominc@hotmail.com.

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