If you are looking for a place this summer where you can unwind, soothe all your muscle pains and to relieve all the stress due to daily heavy work loads and stay away from the anxious urban lifestyle, then the Summerscape form NUVALI is definitely the way to go! 

Located in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, this eco-friendly and self sustaining community which is one of the finest in our country was developed by no other than Ayala Land.

It offers a breadth of interesting features which perfectly fits everyone’s cravings for having a memorable summer this year.  

The environment which can be seen in NUVALI is very refreshing and will surely make you forget the busy streets of Manila for a while. You will have a clear mindset that you are staying in NUVALI to loosen up and appreciate what Mother nature have given to us.

The captivating scenery inside NUVALI couple with its tranquil atmosphere, enticing dining spots, shopping and entertainment sectors are the things that will firmly convince you to drop by NUVALI at some point in time especially this summer where a great need for a fantastic summer getaway is significantly looked-for.

Not only do they have this long list of attractive features, they also added other facets which will make the place a safe haven for families and friends who are looking forward to have a relaxing and invigorating stay in NUVALI.

The Camp N and Rain Garden which premiered last April 26 is the first on the list of NUVALI’s attractive spots.

Camp N bids everyone, families, friends, workmates and people from all ages to be beguiled and fascinated by camping outdoors wherein you will get to try to roast marshmallows, listen to storytelling sessions, building a campfire, and spend quality time with your family or companion. 

Outdoor adventures are also offered in this area which can be tried by kids and adults alike. Camp N is consisted of three obstacle courses designed for Basic Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. These includes through a zip pole and ropes courses and aerial walk whose trails consist of several poles connected by different elements and equipped with a permanent belay system to ensure safety which aims to test one’s skills and a team’s coordination. 

You will be lured to try these activities without even worrying about how hard it can get for you to finish the course since the difficulty may be adjusted according to your preference for you to have a wonderful and fun experience at Camp N.

Then there’s this thing called Rain Garden which is also a sure hit NUVALI destination located across the Monochrome. Fitness enthusiast will never have to miss their workout schedules while they’re on a vacation because Rain Garden is designed to give you a wellness and fitness program which involves chi jogging, yoga and capoeira. 

The Rain Garden is a truly magnificent state of the art facility which boasts a manmade rainwater catchment basin that occupies 3.2 hectares of NUVALI’s total land area and serves a a vital player in NUVALI’s ecosystem. It also has a view deck which lets you see a variety of native trees, shrubs, and 33 species of bamboo septum that attract local wildlife and native birds. 

If you are an animal lover, NUVALI is like a sanctuary where you can find some wonders of nature.

 There are subsisting regions which draws a horde of visitors to enjoy all the good things that NUVALI has to offer. 

Solenad 1 and 2, One Evotech and Evoliving Center, Dirt Weekend Tracks, The Fields, and Greens and Patches are another NUVALI destinations made by the country’s top real estate company, Ayala Land for you to enjoy an eco-friendly environment while being just an hour away from Manila. 

If I were to choose a perfect summer getaway, I will certainly choose to go to NUVALI in a heartbeat! 


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