Philteq products can be seen through its corporate resellers, IT superstores and chains, sub distributors, Apple Premium Resellers, Consumer electronics and appliance chain, mobile brand shops, and telecom companies.

Philteq, one of the trusted distributors of networking products and computer peripherals for home and office, launches on Tuesday their line up of digital lifestyle appliances.

The event feasts of personal gadgets to match the ultra-modern and demanding lifestyle of  the digital enthusiasts of today.

Cannice presents blue-tooth series for music and calls highlights the combination of sophistication and function fit for the specific requirements of new breed of consumers.

Doss launches eye candies for music and voice enthusiasts.

Hoomia presents the good stuff for the Philippine market.

Stylish Powerocks power banks rock at press confab Power on demand getting smaller, safer, and easier to carry.

The Philippines boasts a very young market, a generation of discerning, mobile, and independent consumers.

Philteq wants to bring them only the latest and value-driven products that they could rely on as they follow their passion and create memories of their own.

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