One of the four new celebrity contestants of TV5’s Celebrity Dance Battle Cycle 3 is said to be backing out of the competition in the upcoming episode this Saturday.

In last week’s episode where four new pairs of celebrity-dance coach teams were introduced, showbiz royalty Ciara Sotto proved that, more than her amazing pole dancing stunts, she can also keep the rapport and chemistry going with her dance partner to achieve their one-of-a-kind dance ensemble. Professional model and TV personality Wilma Doesnt also demonstrated that on top of being able to conquer the ramp, she too can make the dance floor sizzle. 

Tropa Mo Ko Unli mainstay and acclaimed indie film actor Edgar Allan Guzman showed that he too can shine not only in being a versatile television and film actor but also as an outstanding dancer. Lastly, completing the Celebrity Dance Battle Cycle 3 performers is another showbiz royalty who is starting to make his way in the showbiz industry by making a name for himself, Rafa Siguion-Reyna

Who among Ciara, Wilma, Edgar and Rafa will be stepping down from the competition this Saturday? How will Celebrity Dance Battle judges Douglas Nierras, Edna Ledesma, G Toengi and Allison Harvard react to this unexpected development in the competition?  As the show’s host, how will this be taken by dance goddess Lucy Torres-Gomez? And will her co-hosts, Semerad twins Anthony and David, have a say on this surprising revelation?

Find out how one contestant’s decision will affect the rest of the competition in Celebrity Dance Battle Cycle 3, airing Saturdays at 9:15 on TV5.

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