Benice and Charisse joins the Trumpets Playshop Children Theater. Benice is Bea Binene's sister and Charisse is their cousin.

Both of them performs at the RCBC theater on Saturday morning.

Bea shows her love and support for her sister and cousin by watching their recital - The Summer Tale.

Benice and Charise are both 5 years old and they really loves to sing and dance.

Bea believes that enrolling them at the workshop will develop their skills and talents while they are young.

Trumpets Playshop began in 1993 with a few acting courses for children, teens and adults. Over the years it has gradually gained exposure and for the past two years, has generated over a thousand enrollees for its summer workshop.

The idea behind Playshop is quite simple. That is to share knowledge on the technical aspects of theatre. At the same time it envisions a more pro-active method of teaching, while infusing morally upright ideas and actions.

Playshop has consistently been successful in developing the creative talents of young and creative minds through its summer workshop using the basic principles and tools of acting.


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