LOS ANGELES -- For actor-singer Piolo Pascual, Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World" is the song that best tells his story as he embarks on a new chapter in his life and career.

He said he still can't believe how much audiences worldwide embraced "Starting over again," his movie with Toni Gonzaga, which is now one of the all-time highest grossing Philippine movies.

But before the movie came out, Pascual admitted he was thinking of saying goodbye to showbiz.

“We're not getting any younger. My son is not getting any younger. I want spend more time with him,” the 37-year-old actor said, referring to his only child, Inigo.

“I want be able to attend to some other stuff, do some other businesses. I've been so busy with work almost half my life, and I thought, you know, before I get married, at least I'll have time for myself so I can still enjoy my bachelor life,” he said.

Asked if he is considering having another child, Pascual answered: “I think that's one of the reasons why I wanted to retire -- so I can spend more time alone and just really smell the flowers, and you know, be on the lookout.”

But it's also his son and the love and support of his fans that made him rethink his early retirement plans.

At his concert, he was met with loud cheers and applause by his loyal fans. “I guess there's still a reason for me to stay,” Pascual said.

But when the time comes, the actor said he embraces the possibility of retiring in the United States where he enjoys a normal life. Here, Pascual said he can go wherever he wants, like when he attended Manny Pacquiao's recent fight.

“I crave for it. I like it, I enjoy it. Kanina coming from Vegas, I flew alone. Maganda rin ‘yung anonymity, maganda rin na, you know, nandoon ka lang sa isang side and no one bothers you,” he said.

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