When Princess Jasmine celebrate her 20th birthday via the social media show spinner.ph at the Manila Ocean Park, press and media were invited and were interested to ask about the recent issue involving her Ate Anne and rumored boyfriend Sam.

Q and A with Jasmine Curtis

What is your birthday wish?
We all improve as a person not for ourselves but for everyone around us, and happiness in my life.

What makes your birthday complete?
Hesitant si Mama umuwi kasi ayaw nya akong gumastos. I made sure na komportable sya pag uwi nya. I want her to feel that she is always welcome to celebrate birthday with me.

Gaano kasaya na nakasama mo ulit ang Mama mo?
Masaya kasi I am a Mama’s girl. Confident sya na independent ako ngayon. I am happy that supportive si Mama for that big move.

Issue on Sam Concepcion
When asked about the issue involving her sister Anne Curtis and Sam Concepcion she refused to answer.

“I believe that is not something I need to clear up, I'd rather speak of happy things. Sorry I think I should not answer that, I was not there and it’s not for me to clear up”.

And when she was asked again,  she said:
“I was not there. I was busy shooting for Dementia in Bulacan. I was in Batanes for ten days before that and after that we shot in Bulacan. So I was gone...I have no 3G or anything”

“So whatever happened that's only between the two of them and the people who were there. I refuse to be involved because I was not there and I refuse to make the issue bigger… And it's up to them,”

More photos during her birthday


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