The concept of the film Bang Bang Alley was interesting because it consists of current events and mirrors politics, it requires research about the local news specially on massacres and media killings.

The three parts are easy to relate with however there’s a style of filming it like the foreign way.

But the overall presentation was good it’s just it will leave you questioning if it was meant to be an indie film or mainstream.

Although the formula of mixing mainstream and indie actors was effective.

The most impressive story among the three part series was ‘Makina’, the second story out of the three.

The first one called ‘Aso’t Pusa at Daga’ was also good. It’s just Bela Padilla’s character was very similar to the one she portrayed in the movie 10,000 hours.

Third part? It’s hard to say.

It’s a good movie to watch this week.

1st part: Interesting storyline but uses too much political jargons
2nd part: Interesting storyline plus Realistic acting
3rd part: can’t understand the message


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