Dominique Cojuangco, Gretchen Barretto and businessman Tony Cojuangcos daughter, doesn’t mind entering showbiz someday. But she would rather focus on her studies first.

"I haven’t thought about it yet. Right now, I’m focusing on my studies. If an opportunity comes, I don’t see why I would say no," Dominique told the press during the launch of Bench's Whitening Lotion, on Friday, April 4, where she was introduced as its newest endorser.

She added, "Anything is possible."

Behind the scenes

Dominique, who is taking up Fashion Design in London, admitted being interested in showbiz because she grew up watching her mom and aunts (Marjorie Barretto and Claudine Barretto) on screen.

"I’ve always been behind the scenes with my mom, seeing how everything works and I love the vibe, and everyboy’s vibe. It’s like a positive vibe that everybody has for work and everyone seems enthusiastic and I love that."
Is she ready for intrigues?
"I think my family has always been a part of intrigues. Having to hear them myself, I’m getting used to that. So, I think I’ve always been ready."

On the family feud

The 19-year-old student would rather stay out of the ongoing family feud that involves her mom, her grandparents, Marjorie and Claudine.

"If it doesn’t include me, then it’s not something I should worry about or something that people should pull me into. So, I don’t like bringing myself into a situation where I wasn’t a part of," Dominique said.

She wishes everyone in her family the best,  whether they choose to reconcile or not.
College life

"I feel like everybody wants that. Nobody wants hate in their heart. Everybody wants love. If what’s best for them is to stay apart, then that’s up to them, I have no say. I think it’s up to them. Whatever they choose, I’ll be fine with it."

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