As cliché as it may sound, "beauty and brains" is what counts in most beauty pageants.

Although the Bb Pilipinas judges only base 10% of their judgement on intelligence (the rest are on beauty of face, 50%; beauty of figure, 30% and poise & personality, 10%), the15 semi-finalists on Sunday (March 30) still find the gruelling question and answer portion difficult as they submit themselves to both judges' and public scrutiny.

Check out the Q&A and let us know who should have won based on their answers.

Q: Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler: March is the women’s month. For you, what is [the] greatest advantage of being a woman?

Bb. 25 Mary Jean Lastimosa: The greatest advantage of being a woman is being able to compose ourselves. Just like here, we're standing in front of thousands of people, not knowing if they're gonna for cheer for us or boo us. But we try to compose ourselves. We keep the emotions and show the beauty that is in us and tonight, thousands of people are standing here, celebrating the beauty of a woman. And that is the advantage of a woman. Thank you

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