Here's Her Secret Formula

Emma Watson's transformation from gawky drama student to fashion's hottest darling has been nothing short of magical. 

What’s more, the 23-year-old starlet has been leaving a serious beauty trail the world over recently- our style crush just gets bigger and bigger every time Emma sets foot on the red carpet.

Out and about on the promotional tour for new flick Noah, the brunette beauty has been working some seriously stunning hair and make-up looks over the past few weeks- we’re talking edgy, slicked-back hair-do’s, matte black nails, berry-tinted lips and some seriously impressive brows. 

Full beauty marks, Ms Watson! What’s more, the Brit beauty recently said, "I've just really embraced that side of my job, I guess, because you have to do these appearances and so you might as well make it fun." Here, here! Want to know Emma’s new beauty formula? Heck, we sure do…

1. Channel an edgy hair-do

Now, us beauty ladies would be the first to admit that the whole slicked back, edgy hair thing is actually pretty tricky to pull off. It might look great on the catwalk, but to nail the look does take some practice. Trust Emma to have her winning formula sorted- from side-swept styles to wet-look baby quiffs, the girl’s got it under control. We love the way these edgier styles give Em’s sweet-girl look a high-fashion edge. We want. Them. All.

2. Co-ordinate your lipstick and outfit

Once upon a time in the kingdom of beauty, colour co-ordinating, matchy-matchy beauty looks were a BIG no-no. However, a carefully chosen lipstick can actually make not only your face, but your whole ensemble totally pop- think of your lips as an added accessory. Watson’s been working this look as of late, too. Just take note of how it’s done and keep the rest of your make-up pared-down to really make the lips stand out and to avoid looking too done.

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