What a tragic and uncalled for turn of events.

This news is very gruesome and is something that will definitely crush everyone's hearts as well as give a bad reputation for computer games which isn't supposedly the thing to be blamed of.

For a child to commit this kind of unforgivable crime, he has to be under the influence of such strong motivational negative force or something.

I feel extremely bad for his grandma and for his relatives.

Quezon City - A 17-year old teenager killed his 68-year old grandmother after the latter scolded him and interfered with him while he was playing DOTA ( Defense of the Ancients ).  The kid said he couldn't remember what happened, his surroundings faded into black and when he came into senses, he found himself already cleaning up all the messy evidences of the crime.

Her grandmother fetched him at around 6pm on a computer shop while he was playing DOTA. He was scolded afterwards by her grandmother. Something that's been occurring for quite some time now. His aunt said that the kid was raised by his grandmother alone since the boy comes from a broken family and was taken cared of by the old lady. No one ever expected the kid to brutally murder her grandmother just because of a freaking computer game.

Although he cleaned the evidences of the murder, the police officers still found ceramic shards with blood stains which was assumed to be a vase that was used to smash the old lady to death. The kid went straight to his aunt to admit what he's done and is now in the custody of the social workers.

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