A Mighty Support for Philippine Market
The essence of an effective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program is to reach out to people who are in need without expecting anything in return.  Mighty Corporation has been consistent in actively promoting various CSR projects through the company’s Wong Chu King Foundation.

Mighty Corporation through the Wong Chu King Foundation supported the retrofitting and rebuilding of historical churches in the country after the seismic catastrophe in Bohol and Cebu last year.  More than 10 United Nation Heritage sites and old churches were damaged

Philippine Domestic Market
With majority of the products from Mighty Corporation packaged in hard-pack formats, the company aims to revolutionize the range of products available in the Philippine domestic market with this strategic and bold move.

The company’s ‘Level Up’ brand is distributed in packs of 10s and 20s, king size and 100s, slim and super slim variants.  True to its name, the ‘Level Up’ brand has indeed lifted Mighty Corporation’s products to a higher level.

On Mighty Core
Mighty Corporation has already explained that all allegations of technical smuggling, tax evasion, and related crimes thrown at them are baseless and merely malicious accusations.  They claim that the accusations only mask the real agenda of their competitor, which is to kill all other local brands in the market, especially the low-priced cigarettes.
Mighty Corporation is highlighted by the company’s launch of the ‘Level Up’ brand product lines.  The LUBs, as it is internally called in the organization, marked a major evolution of the company’s brand image.   

It re-positioned the Mighty Corporation brand to the Medium and Premium category and has extended its reach to all market segments.

The Mighty Corporation factory lies in a 9-hectare property, 50 kilometers north of Manila.  The Principal activities of Mighty Corporation include Tobacco Processing and Cigarette Manufacturing.


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