There was a time when a certain Mentos TVC – 'Fresh goes better' went viral during the 90’s.  That Freshmaker jingle was such an LSS. 

Now, a Filipino actor Matteo is hitting the advertising scene being the first Mentos Philippines endorser. 

Matteo Guidicelli answers in a bold three-part mini movie that is sure to leave everyone wanting more. Rumor has it, Sarah Geronimo is his girlfriend

At the conference for the press and media held on March 20 at the new Century Mall in Makati he describes actress Sarah Geronimo as really beautiful. 

‘She's beautiful inside and out. I don't think there's anybody else like her."

Is Matteo chasing for Sarah's love or he already chased?

 ‘Love is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, it’s a never ending chase on what you want to get’  he said.

Catch Matteo the Action Star, the Italian Lover and Matteo the Boy Next Door on the Mentos Strawberry Mix Thrillogy , campaign details on www.facebook.com/MentosPhilippines

What lengths would you go to for what you desire most? Would you be willing to show all the different things that make up who you are? When was the last time you surprised even yourself?

It's questions like these that award-winning actor, accomplished athlete and all-around heartthrob Matteo Guidicelli answers in a bold three-part mini movie that is sure to leave everyone wanting more.

The Filipino-Italian has never been one to shy away from stuff that may make your run-of-the-mill young star take a step back. With Matteo, it's all about pushing the limits in the pursuit of his passions, whether he's diving deep into an acting role or zooming towards breaking records on a racing circuit.

This year, the buzzworthy dreamboat gives us a chance to see sides of him we may be aware of, but have never witnessed firsthand. Genuine hyphenates are hard to come by these days, and Matteo will erase any doubt that he's a man of action...in every sense of the word.

That's why he signed up to be the star of the Mentos Strawberry Mix Thrillogy: a uniquely entertaining online experience that shows Matteo's multi-faceted persona. After all, a different kind of candy needs a different kind of leading man.

It will be plain to see that there's more of Matteo to love in the Mentos Strawberry Mix Thrillogy (Guys, be prepared to take notes if you want to make a girl swoon). So whatever you may be looking for, you're sure to crave exciting experiences of your own once Matteo's shown you how much fun it can be.

Because, really, why settle for the ordinary when you can triple the thrill? And Mentos has, through the years, taught us to get a kick out of the simplest things, and make every day a chance to live out loud and live fresh.

It's a kind of magic that's found in every Perfetti Van Melle product—the European company that prides itself in pushing the envelope of candy excellence around the world. Other famous brands like Fruittella, Smint and Chupa Chups are stamped with the same flavor of fun that Perfetti Van Melle has made its calling card.


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