A very audacious Kris Aquino showed up in a "Kris TV" episode as she paraded herself while only wearing a one-piece swimsuit wherein he underwent a swimming tutorial.

On Wednesday's episode of her morning show, "Kris TV," Aquino shared that Bimby, her son with ex-husband James Yap, recently asked her about sex.

She said she was surprised that the question crossed Bimby's mind at six years old.

"Oh my goodness. ...If you have a child who's so curious, talagang sagutin mo nang diretso. Sabi niya, 'Mama so Kuya and I have different papas, right? So that means you had sex with two men?' Kaloka," said Aquino, who has a son with actor Philip Salvador.

"Oh my God, nagdadasal ako. Sabi ko, 'Sana tama ang isagot ko.' Sabi ko, 'Yeah, Bimb. I was confused, I was wrong. You should stick to one," she said.

Kris Aquino is already a mother of two but it doesn't really show anyway. She has boldly managed to retain her quite sexy figure with some of these pictures as a proof.

She fearlessly revealed her cleavage while having a swimming lesson together with her co-host Iza Calzado who is also a certified hottie. They were trained by a swimming instructor named Evan Grabador.
Kris dipped into the pool but found the water to be too cold so she asked for a heater right away.  Judging from these photos, we can really say that Kris aged pretty well and she still has that "it" factor which most men are looking for. She has that kind of appeal which can make most men go mad, minus some visible scratches of course.

The episode isn't really about Kris Aquino's debut as a sexy TV host but rather an episode which gives the audiences helpful tips on learning how to swim which is very timely because the summer season is fast approaching. She was taught how to blow bubbles, the instructor told her that it is an efficient way of making yourself comfortable in keeping your face in the water as well as an effective way of holding your breath a little longer than usual. You can watch the Kris TV swimming lesson here:


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