Kate Moss has been a household name for so long it's somewhat surprising to learn she has a sixteen-year-old half-sister, Charlotte, entering the modeling world. 

When Lottie—that's her nickname—was born in 1998, big sister Kate had already racked up hundreds of magazine covers, two high profile relationships (including her famous five year affair with Johnny Depp), several scandals, and was en route to becoming the most famous model of all time. 

Lottie, on the other hand, entered the public eye as a 13-year-old bridesmaid at Kate's highly-publicized 2011 wedding to rocker Jamie Hince.

Her ethereal looks and uncanny likeness to Moss have already made waves in the modeling industry, and she's finally going public in a big way, with a photo shoot and interview in the April issue of Teen Vogue

Here's a quick, revelatory rundown of what we learned from this fresh-faced up-and-comer.

Her Teen Vogue shoot is her first professional gig.

Until this year, Lottie turned down all photo shoot and interview requests, as mandated by her (understandably) protective parents. 

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