Honda Motorcycles now aims to touch our hearts with different heartwarming driver stories which most of us will be able to relate. Recently, Honda achieved a spectacular milestone when they produced their 4 millionth motorcycle in the Philippines. To celebrate this wonderful feat, they launched a series of inspiring short movies based from Honda driver's real lives with the help of Aspac Advertising.

The first installment of these exciting mini-movies was entitled "Balat Kalabaw" which is an inspired story of an aged Honda tricycle driver and his teenage daughter.

In these story, it was centered around the man's Honda motorcycle and it showed how the vehicle accompanied him through different painful obstacles in life.

The main character in these story is a typical tricycle driver who works as hard as he could just to make both ends meet. Despite the fact that his age is already catching up on him and that he should take care of his health even more now that he's getting older, he cannot quit his job since he is still financially supporting his daughter studies.

They are living a very simple life, the poor man earning just enough for them to get through the day and to save money for her daughter's studies. They cannot even afford to enjoy some luxuries in life which a normal person or family usually have. Frankly speaking, they can be classified as a less fortunate type of family, in a sense that they are financially incapable of providing some of the things in life which they are supposed to possess. Having realized how pitiable they are, his daughter somewhat held a grudge on his father and condemned him about the very difficult condition of their lives. She even compared her dad to other parents and wished to have a parent like what others have, a parent who has time for her, who can shower her with gifts and pamper her with care all the time.

Then an unexpected incident happen, the man's body seemed to give up and he became hospitalized, maybe it was brought about by being over fatigued due to long hours of work just to spare him and his daughter from starvation. This is the main thing that his daughter wasn't able to realize before.

She then tried to reflect all the things that her dad has given to her, not just material things, but all the love and care that her dad has given to her through the years. Back when she was still a child up to now that she's already a teen, her father never ceased to care about her, something that she was blinded about just because of jealousy towards other children's parents. She then regret the times when she wished she had other dad. She now realized that she was blessed to have a father like him.

I find this movie very touching because I can feel the hardships and sacrifices that was done by the father who happens to be a Honda motorcycle driver. I can see my parents in him, all those hard works and perseverance, blood, sweat and tears just to raise us to become morally upright and to provide us all the comfort that we need. Also, the part where his daughter realized and regret the moment she condemned her dad was also heartbreaking, Good thing her dad was able to survive so she can still express her gratitude towards him.

You can watch Honda's "Balat Kalabaw" mini-movie here:


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