One good quality of an excellent organization is its generosity when it comes to caring for the welfare of others. That’s what exactly this non-government association by the name of Wong Chu King Foundation (WCKF) did when they declared to support some educational projects and program by funding the Sacred Heart Chapel of the Senior High School Building for Xavier School in San Juan City. If we are going to dig deep for one of the main reasons why WCKF pushed through this modest initiative, we can discover that Mr. Wong Chu King have had a strong friendship with Jesuit priests Jean Desautels and Ismael Zuluoga to whom the chapel shall be dedicated.

Photo source: efong14.wordpress.com
WCKF vece president Caesar Wongchuking gave some details regarding his father’s colorful past in relation with Xavier School and their plans of construction the Sacred Heart Chapel. The older Wong Chu King was in fact one of the school’s founding patron while Fr. Desautels was considered one of the school’s founder and its first president being Fr. Zuloaga. So this school serves as a bond between these two magnificent people and it is just right to build something which can preserve that remarkable bond while doing it for a good cause at the same time.

The younger Wong Chu King also recalled how Fr. Desautels persistently erected the institution many years ago. “Fr. Desautels went door-to-door in Manila for donations to buy the land needed to set up the school,” He followed it up by saying that “At 3:30 pm on December 15, 1955, Fr. Desautels closed the deal and purchased the land barely an hour and a half before the 5 p.m. deadline agreed on with the seller of the land on which the school was eventually built.” The priest really gave it his all and went through enormous hardships before he was able to successfully build the school.
In addition to what Wong Chu King have said, he also stated that all of them, his siblings, graduated from the very same school were their father initially built. A school which is embodied by Jesuits’ religious teachings, quality education and service-oriented acts. Another member of the Wong Chu King family, Alex Wong Chu King, the WCKF exevutive director and the older brother of Caesar that their father’s long and lasting friendships with the Jesuits paved way for them to have an exceptional education that they received from that school which can be seen evidently on their personalities and status in life now. A considerate and passionate siblings whose values were adamantly molded by their father and the school’s first-rate teachings.
Director Marietta Wong Chu King – Co Chien of the WCKF, Chairman of the board of trustees Johnip Cua of Xavier School and its school’s president and director Fr. Aristotle Dy will be the ones to spearhead the signing of the deed of donation, another feat that will surely delight most of its deserving beneficiaries.

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