2NE1’s Dara revealed that she made abs  for ‘Crush’ performance. 

On February 14, bntnews had an exclusive interview with 2NE1 who finally came back to Korean fans with second LP album ‘Crush.’ 

Dara revealed during the interview, “I always enjoy trying new things. I\'ve challenged myself with new, unique hairstyles. This time, I tried building abs. ”

“Whatever I did, people just thought it was cute. I wanted to show them a wild, powerful side of me, but they said I looked lack of energy. I wanted to show them a healthy, energetic version of me this time, so I\'ve built abs for the last two months,” she continued. 

CL added, “Dara was a ramen maniac, but she quit eating it for the abs.” Dara continued, “I’ve got much healthier since I started working out. I don’t feel tired after a two-hour-long concert. Now, I can even run on a running machine for 50 minutes without a break.”

Meanwhile, 2NE1’s second LP album ‘Crush’, which consists of ten songs including title track ‘Come Back Home’and ‘Gotta Be You’, came out in two different editions: pink and black. Each version contains the group’s different charm and style. (photo by YG Entertainment) 

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