SPOILER ALERT: The Walking Dead mid-season premiere sees Rick on the verge of death as Carl strikes out on his own following prison massacre

The Walking Dead came back to life Sunday night with the fourth mid season premiere showing Rick on the verge of death and his son Carl turning his back on him in his hour of need.
The teenager leaves his injured father trailing behind as the pair escape on foot from the bloody prison ambush, deciding the time has come for him to step up and be treated like a man.
Surly and obnoxious Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) blames Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) for failing to protect the community from the massacre led by The Governor (David Morrissey) in the horrifying last episode before the winter hiatus.
Leading the way: Carl Grimes takes over as his father Rick Grimes is healing from his wounds in the mid-season premiere for The Walking Dead on Sunday night

Despite Rick's attempts to keep his son in line, Carl takes out his gun and insists he now be taken
seriously when it comes to zombie slaying.
And the simmering resentment towards his father reaches boiling point after he tackles a group of flesh-eating 'walkers' alone, declaring: 'I win, cool.' As Rick lies lifeless on a sofa in an abandoned home they have taken sanctuary in, he yells at his unconscious dad: 'I killed them, I saved you. I don't need you anymore, I dont need you to protect me anymore.
'You probably can't even protect yourself.'

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Not in fighting shape: Rick is battered and beaten after his run in with the Governor

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