Distance wasn't even considered a hindrance when a Brillante Mendoza Film Festival was held on February 27-28 in SM City Rosales Pangasinan. 

Every person who will get the chance to participate in the said event will surely be thrilled with all the activities that will be done and will be assured that their hearts and minds will be filled with inspiring and intellectual stuff.

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The man behind this film festival is no other than the world - renowned indie film director and producer, Brillante Mendoza. His name have often been mentioned whenever the term indie film is being introduced. He has a lot of accolades brought about by his unmatched talent and extreme passion for indulging in great films.
Here is a proof of how brilliant "Direk" Brillante Mendoza really is.


The advocacy of the Brillante Mendoza Film Festival have spectacularly moved every person touched by his inspirational speeches and witty statements. One will surely have a good time being with a credible educator like him.

Brillante Mendoza's award - winning films are being shown all throughout the country via SM Cinema with the hopes of inspiring the youth as well as the adults who are aspiring to venture in the same field where Brillante Mendoza is currently excelling.
For the SM Rosales film line up includes Lola, Foster Child and Thy Womb. Brillante Mendoza's masterpieces caught a lot of attention and admiration coming from both the students and the teachers and they considered his pieces of art as part of their studies. The students will surely learn a lot from events like this, and they will also remember that moment when a person as eminent as Brillante Mendoza humbly showed - off his know hows and selflessly imparted it to everyone.

Students as well as teachers can't help but ask Brillante Mendoza where did he get his inspirations for successfully making marvelous films which gives its audiences good and lasting impressions towards the movies.

Mendoza politely entertained every questions thrown by the spectators and had a great time interacting with them

Watch Q and A video

*with reports from Carlo Valenzona

The same event happened in SM Naga March 6-7.

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