I am not sure whether the gaming world will be happy that the game which annoyed the heck out of them is finally pulled out of the market or they would instead feel miserable because they will no longer be able to try this game out anymore.

This unbelievably simple yet difficult game have garnered the public gamers' attention about one year after its release. The game was made by a Vietnamese programmer named Dong Nguyen. The game's developer recently said that he is having a hard time dealing with the popularity that was brought to him by Flappy Bird and that he misses living a simple life without being pressured by the press people.


He revealed his sentiments on his twitter account. He said that the success that Flappy Bird has given to him (a $50, 000 a day earnings, fame and reputation as a programmer ) weren't enough to to suffice the damage that it brought to him. He said that the game ruined his life and that the press people are overrating the success of his game. He is also pleading to have peace. Something that he is probably used to enjoy way back then when he isn't making cool games yet.

If I will have to guess why Nguyen concluded that the game ruined his life, it was probable due to the fact that a lot of people get annoyed when they fail to reach a score that they desired which often drives them to throw harsh words or comments about the game. The were also violent incidents incorporated to playing the said game which also added insult to injury. 

Flappy Bird is no longer available in Apple's AppStore, as well as Google Play Store. But with the technology today, duplicating the game would be too easy and the issue about the game being taken down wouldn't be that much of a concern. It's just a 2D game which I guess most game developers are able to make. Nguyen is currently locking himself up in his home in Vietnam but there's nothing to worry about because he said that he will still be making more exciting games which the gamers  will surely enjoy. In addition to that, some of his games are still available and can still be downloaded.


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