A false issue being thrown to Mighty Corporation about cigarette smuggling, connecting to the passage into law of a reformed sin tax.

Detractors were active in undermining the new law. Thru press releases and news, these group raised alarm about the threat of smuggled cigarettes.

They say a lot of negative things about the Filipino owned company MC.

Recently, a realization of P-Noy’s objective about raising more revenues from cigarettes for funding of health and tobacco farmers’ assistance programs were highly publicized.

Different groups started to throw negative allegations on the Mighty company since October 2013.

In a column from Philstar http://www.philstar.com/business/

It says, official statistics show that the government met its revenue objectives from sin taxes and that tax collection from “sin” products may breach the P100 billion mark for the first time.

Furthermore, market data shows that there is no evidence of massive entry of smuggled cigarettes, a situation that would not escape the attention of market watchers.

What evidently was happening in the marketplace is the emergence of the “Mighty” issue.

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