Last week, I’ve had a chance to go to Enchanted Kingdom. Our school’s Engineering department decided to make EK our venue for our acquaintance party. It was my first time to be there so I have a lot of high hopes that day. I didn’t get disappointed, I’ve had one of the most memorable days of my life and I am so glad that I chose to attend the party together with my colleagues. It was a fun-filled day, packed with surprises, refreshing scenery and breathtaking rides. If I have to recommend a place where you can enjoy and relax during your spare time either with your family or friends, going to Enchanted Kingdom would be a no brainer.

Enchanted Kingdom is located in San Lorenzo South, City of Sta. Rosa Laguna Philippines, more or less than an hour of travel from Metro Manila. The place is so accessible that you won’t even have to worry about having long hours of nauseous travel. They are even offering Shuttle Service to Enchanted Kingdom. The shuttle service can be found in Hotel Intercon Makati, Open Parking, Ayala Center.

There are a number of safety measures to be observed first before entering EK’s premises:

  • ·         There are height or physical limitations established by ride manufacturers which can bee seen on every ride entrances.
  • ·         Depending on the weather and regular maintenance, some rides are subjected to be closed temporarily if the needs arise.
  • ·         You should take a closer look at your belongings as well as yourself because the owners and operators of the park shall not be held liable for any injury or missing personal items.
  • ·         You should also wear proper attire. Loose clothing and accessories are not advisable.
  • ·         Smoking is allowed in designated areas only
  • ·         You should make sure that you are physically fit before taking any EK rides to ensure your safety.

There are lots of exciting and thrilling rides that Enchanted Kingdom is offering, some of these requires you to pay an additional fee though. I name every EK rides and other notable areas here:


  • ·         Kart Track
  • ·         Space Shuttle
  • ·         Eldar’s Tent
  • ·         Discovery Photos
  • ·         4D Discovery Theatre
  • ·         Rio Grande Rapids
  • ·         Disk-O-Magic
  • ·         XPP Paintball
  • ·         EKciting Magic Art in 3D
  • ·         Enchanting Events Place
  • ·         Victoria Photos
  • ·         Grand Carousel
  • ·         Bouncing Boulders
  • ·         Dodgem
  • ·         Tower Photos
  • ·         EKstreme Tower
  • ·         Roller Skater
  • ·         Skill Games
  • ·         Boardwalk Party Place
  • ·         Henna Tattoo and Face Painting
  • ·         Anchors Away
  • ·         Swan Lake
  • ·         Wheels of Fate
  • ·         Bump N’ Splash
  • ·         Rialto Theatre
  • ·         Flying Fiesta
  • ·         And many more. There are more enticing rides that EK is offering and it’s for you to find out.

·         Regular Day Pass – Unlimited use of Park n’ Rides ( Weekdays – P500/ Weekends – P600 )
·         Junior Day  Pass – Child must be below 48 in. height. Children below 36in. have free admission    
( Weekdays – P250/ Weekends – P320 )

  • ·         The theme park would be a lot livelier if they will do a repaint or refurnishing of the rides since most of them are already faded. More colorful rides and vibrant places inside the Enchanted Kingdom will probably attract more visitors.
  • ·         The visitors per day should be limited. We had a hard time trying all the rides in EK because of the stressful long pile of people waiting for their turn. A limited number of visitors per day will give them a chance try all of these wonderful rides.
  • ·         The rides’ duration should be a little bit longer. We waited for more than an hour just to have a two minute ride. Sometimes it’s not worth it.
  • ·         Most parts of EK should be shaded or sheltered to protect the visitors from the extreme heat of the sun. This may cause unexpected incidents like heat stroke. It also makes the visitor go uneasy while falling in line and waiting for the rides to become available.
  • ·         All in all, I really love the theme park and I would love to have a shot at trying it out again.

promoSpecial Promos:

You can also avail tickets thru Ticket World ( 891.9999 ) www.ticketworld.com.ph and SM Tickets ( 470.2222 ) www.smtickets.com

For more details, feel free to contact them at:
Tel: (632) 584-4326 to 29
Fax: (632) 584-4332


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