Globe myBusiness is providing business owners and their SMBs new products, services and solutions that help them rediscover a world full of possibilities, opportunities, and brighter tomorrows.  It's one where business owners and their SMBs are able to do business with greater ease, with more efficiency at less cost, and attain sustainability and growth.
"We launched Globe myBusiness in support of business owners and their SMBs.  We call it 'Globe myBusiness' as we endeavor to serve the owners and their businesses as if they were our own.

It reflects the level of service we provide which is highly personalized and targeted.  We are not a mere network provider to them but their business advisor in the most real sense.

"At Globe myBusiness, we listen to our customers’ needs and help them customize a suite of solutions and services designed to address their specific requirements.  Globe myBusiness' differentiator is the ability to understand and deliver on the needs of business owners and their SMBs in a way nobody else can," said Martha Sazon, Globe myBusiness Head.

Sazon pointed out that business owners and their SMBs are a very "sophisticated" market.  They know what they want and how to get it.  "It all comes down to fulfilling our promise to business owners and their SMBs - that through our team we can make their businesses better by helping them maximize our services.  It's ultimately about being a trusted business adviser and constantly delivering on that," she explained.

One perfect example of how a partnership between Globe myBusiness and business owners and their SMBs can produce beneficial results is the case of restaurateur Happy Ongpauco-Tiu.  According to her, she is able to live a wonderful personal life while growing her business.  And she has Globe myBusiness to thank for.   As a result, she’s been a loyal Globe subscriber for 20 years already.

Happy still remembers the wonder she felt when she got her very first cellular phone from her dad.  It was a postpaid handset from Globe.  At that time, when cellular phones were not as common as they are today, the instant connections that Globe provided her added a different dimension to her life.
“Communication between family and friends became so much easier. And when my managers and staff got their own cellular phones, running my restaurants became more efficient.

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