A mini press conference was held in Solar Entertainment preview room in Makati on Saturday, February 22. Director Jay Altarejos answered questions from the press and media.

The movie had it's successful red carpet premiere held on Monday, February 24 in Robinsons Cinema in Ortigas.

The Filipino movie, "Unfriend" sure knows a way to express the current problems being posed by the social media. It even caught most movie patrons' attention when it was shown in the Berlin Film Festival in Germany. The story is about a homosexual 15 - year old boy, his heartbreak and his extreme fascination over the social media which displayed the dangers that the Internet might bring to those who gets overly hooked with it.

It was well directed by Jay Altajeros as he made the viewers feel the agony of the film's protagonist named David who got dumped by his lover a few days before Christmas who desperately contacted his lover, the 17 year old guy named Jonathan with the use of his iPad and computer, he also tried to reach out to him thru Skype but to no avail.

This enraged him and lead him to construct a murderous intent at the back of his mind. You have to watch it to fully appreciate its plot.

This blogsite's owner, Carlo Camilo Valenzona was lucky enough to have a chat with famous Director Brillante Mendoza as well as Sandino Martin, Unfriend's lead star. *Brillante Mendoza is also the producer of Unfriend

Their conversation was something like this:

BM: "Sandino, this is Carlo, he works for Solar, he is also a blogger, "Carlo, this is Sandino, he has an upcoming film included in Berlin Film Festival, it's called Unfriend, it's produced by Solar Entertainment"

CV: Wow I guess it's about Social Media?

SM: "Paano mo nalaman?"

CV: Well, Unfriend is a famous online term in The Social Network.

The film is based on a true story. If my memory serves me right, the film was based on a bloody incident which happened in the Philippines inside a certain mall where two young male lovers were involved in a gunfight. There is a viral video showing the said incident. You may look it up on the internet.

Nowadays, stories like this aren't strange anymore. I can name a few friends who use Social Networking sites as a means of courting someone or what's worse, stalking someone. There were also moments where even I have received such indecent proposals coming from gays. I don't think there's nothing wrong with as long as they are not doing something harmful or something like invading my privacy. I thank them instead for appreciating me and even offer them to become one of my friends. Now when it comes to violent or death threats, I haven't come across one and I don't wish to encounter one ever.

There are pros and cons when it comes to using the Social Media, we just have to be aware with it. Hopefully the movie "Unfriend" will at least guide us towards that direction.

This film has been creating abuzz around the globe. Reuters and major international media agencies has been publishing good publicity about this film. Surely many Filipinos are excited to watch this.

After their stint in Berlin Film Festival, UNFRIEND will be showing nationwide starting Feb. 26, 2016.


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