Y2014 Resolution: Own a Home Through BPI Family Housing Loan

BPI Family Housing Loans continues to deliver one of the easiest, fastest and most affordable loan facilities to those who need assistance in getting their dream homes.
BPI Family encourages clients to rethink whether they can buy their own house or just go by with renting as interest rates have been very low for the past years
It's that time of the year again wherein we pen down our new year's resolution! If you're a homemaker or a breadwinner, a singleton living independently or a young couple about to get married, resolve to invest in your own home this coming year and allocate that rental budget to invest in a house that will suit you. Why rent when you can buy your own?
Ms. Celyn Sta. Ana, SVP Retail Mortgage Division of BPI Family Savings Bank says, “There is nothing wrong with renting but what we want you to rethink is, 'why rent when you can buy your own home?' Interest rates for housing loans have continuously been low. A PHP 15,000.00 monthly rental fee is already equivalent to a monthly amortization payment for a Php2Million peso loan. It’s about time for Filipinos to start owning their own homes because now they can afford it."
The joy of owning your home should be a motivation that's strong enough to topple any fear or worry that you might have over investing. Why? Because unlike renting, having your own house gives you the liberty to design your living space according to your personality, lifestyle and comfort. Imagine having to come home each day to an abode that you have dreamed about for so long! Aside from the perks of styling it the way you want it, investing in a lot, house and lot, townhouse or condominium unit gives you financial security because its value appreciates over time. Now is the time to do it, the tools you need to start the acquisition process is superbly easy through BPI Family Housing Loan.
Decision makers consider so many factors in finally deciding if they should jump in and invest in their very own property. Some of which include job location, salary, lifestyle and comfort. To help you know if you are ready to buy your dream home take a moment and ask yourself “Have I saved enough initial investment for my dream home?” Let us help you brace yourself for this big achievement!