The rivalry between cigarette manufacturers Mighty Corp, and PMFTC, which the Bulacan-based company accused of alleged tax evasion, illegal smuggling and trade misconduct.

BIR is neutral over Mighty Corp’s case

In a survey that was conducted by foreign research firm, AC Nielsen, they describe MC as killing the local brands in the market. As Bureau of Internal Revenue neutral over Mighty’s controversies, they are not taking side over the competition to its rival. 

Great job on BIR, for they did not take their side over the trader war between MC and PMFTC. 

The latter company accused Wongchuking-owned company of tax evasion, technical smuggling and other malpractice by a foreign research firm, AC Nielsen. 

But the thing is that: did they have substantial evidence against Mighty? They’ve mudslinging the Bulacan-based cigarette manufacturer by spreading malicious lies over traditional media.

According to a BIR tax fraud official that they have not received any derogatory confidential information against MC other than what we read in newspapers on the results of the survey conducted by AC Nielsen. The said survey was allegedly commissioned by PMFTC, and baseless facts, killing all local brands.

They claimed that MC is promoting mid-market brands since profit margins in the low-cost category are low. It means the local brands will be faced out to favor expensive brands. According to MC officials that the said information is not true and they are spreading unjustified information to the public. And selling its products at a loss to gain more patronage, they are degrading the quality products of Mighty. 

MC is not selling at a loss and is gaining profit as evidenced by the more than P5.4 billion income and business tax payments to the BIR during the first nine months of the year, which payment is expected to rise to P8 billion by the end of the year,” said Oscar Barrientos, a retired judge and executive vice president MC.

Mighty Corp clarifies their strategy

Vice President and spokesman Oscar Barrientos said that they keep their products low-priced, while their competition has very high costs. Mighty Corp dedicated to their principles of serving Filipinos by its quality and affordable products in the country. But the rival companies keep on mudslinging Mighty with malicious lies over the issues on tax evasion and alleged technical smuggling.
Photo source: http://www.duncancampbell.org/