With the efforts by Filipino-owned company Mighty, who recently paid P8 billion excise tax, in connection with new sin tax law, BIR commissioner Kim Henares called an investigation on suspected anomaly on payment of tax.

How can they prove that MC didn’t abide the law? They didn’t investigate other companies in the cigarette industry.
In a separate development, Filipino-owned manufacturer of cheap cigarette, Mighty Corporation vowed to help its farmers and families to have a stable life. They have been helping around three million farmers and its dependents in Ilocos and Cagayan Valley.
With its initiative to expand their CSR projects through the Wong Chu King Foundation, such as installing irrigation pumps, endow with mini tractors, and provide scholarship grants to the farmer’s children, they gave fair share to their workers.

Wong Chu King Foundation Inc. (WCKF) has already pledged to aid in the seismic retrofitting of historic churches in Philippine province.
Since buying low-priced leaves they can make more jobs out of it. That's a great benefit to many local farmers.
Upon increasing their production in 2012 up to 2013 wherein it rises up to 20 percent of its local market. With their long-term plan, they can provide additional jobs to different community and contributed in the growth of our country by paying the excise taxes.
By earning its fair market share they are proud to make affordable cigarette sold to the market. Kudos to Mighty for this kind of charitable programs that they focused on the wellness of our fellow kababayans who are working for the future of their family. 

Mighty Corp is owned by Wong Chu King Family based in Bulacan.