Suspects in Vhong mauling committed ‘heinous’ crime - Manalo

MANILA - The lawyer of Vhong Navarro cited loopholes in the statements of the alleged suspects in the mauling of the comedian, adding that their crimes can even be considered “heinous."
“There are circumstances here that create doubt. Unless the doubts are clarified, it would be difficult to believe the narration presented by the woman [Deniece Cornejo] and Lee [businessman Cedric Lee],” lawyer Dennis Manalo told ANC.

Cornejo appeared before the media on Monday, insisting Navarro tried to rape her. Lee said they had to hurt Navarro to defend Cornejo.

Navarro has denied the attempted rape claim, saying he and the model had dated and were even intimate once. He alleged the incident on the night of January 22 at the Forbeswood Heights in Taguig was a set-up to extort P2 million from him.

“There was a police blotter of the attempted rape, but it was not at the police station in Taguig. It was at the southern [police] command in Sucat. If you were the rape victim, would you go all the way to Sucat?” Manalo said.

He said the blotter should have also been received by the women’s desk, the one tasked to handle cases involving violence against women. “This [actions] raises more questions than answers.”
Manalo, however, said the police were not remiss in asking about Vhong’s situation – black and blue from his bruises – saying it was his client who declined to give more details about what happened.
Lee and his colleagues were with Navarro during and after the posting of the blotter report, Manalo said. “After the blotter, the police brought him back to his car parked in Forbeswood. But [Cedric Lee's man] ‘Mike’ was also inside, so he could not tell the police,” Manalo narrated.

He said they are now preparing their formal complaint against the suspects.
“The felonious acts include serious physical injuries, threats to life and family, extort try…Combining all these, it’s a heinous crime… Under the law, suspects guilty of heinous crimes are punished by reclusion perpetua [life imprisonment]," Manalo added.

On Monday tonight, Navarro will undergo surgery to his broken nose bridge, he said, adding there is already a medico-legal report on Navarro's injuries to his arms, limbs, back of head, eyes, etc.
He said he is not aware if the same report shows injuries to Navarro's sex organ. “Probably because he was ashamed, he did not mention that to me.”

Navarro earlier said the suspects took shots and videos of him while his pants were down, and that the suspects injured his organ.

Manalo asked the public not to propagate photos of Navarro that might have already been leaked.
“Let’s not spread these photos anymore. These were borne of violence, crime. If you help in distributing these, you’re propagating an attitude [already embedded] in the community.
“Please be fair, don’t share,” he said.

Source: abs-cbnnews