Jardine Distribution, Inc. Philippines partners with DepEd to help children of Yolanda survivors “
Parents and schoolchildren in areas affected by Typhoon Yolanda are receiving an outpouring of aid and relief from all over the country and the world—and agricultural, construction, and home pests products distributor Jardine Distribution, Inc. is partnering with the Department of Education in doing their part to help survivors resume their normal lives.
“Undersecretary Mario Derequito of DepEd is right in pointing out that resuming the kids’ schooling is an important part of the rehabilitation and recovery process; this is why we have chosen to help in this area. Education has always been our priority when it comes to our social corporate responsibility projects,” said Edwin Hernandez, President and General Manager of Jardine Distribution, Inc. (JDI),
In cooperation with DepEd, JDI has released a thousand pieces of learner kits to schoolchildren in Yolanda-hit areas. Schools had been destroyed and learning materials swept away by floods and this has left children unable to resume their education. With the partnership between DepEd and JDI, these children have a chance to feel that life goes on after the tragedy—that there’s hope after the disaster.
“Besides the learning kits, we have also set up 120 tents in the areas that serve as the children’s classrooms. Having these kids come back to school and resume classes regularly is a way for communities to start over and feel a little more optimistic about their future after the devastation. These communities are survivors and they deserve all the help they can get to begin again and rebuild their lives. We at JDI feel privileged that we are given the chance to be part of the rehabilitation process. There’s still a lot of work to do and every little bit helps,” said Peachy Tiu, JDI Marketing Manager.
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